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New since last update (Build


Use 'characters per second' for reading speed control

Marking text: Double and triple click selection.

Import of Netflix DFXP file format

Drag and drop functionality for video files

Menus for clearing modified colors on Compare form

Google Autotranslate/Cloud services

Wikipedia search

Range edit "Move text up or down" function

'Use extended alignment codes' is now default option for .srt files

Start text number in .srt file export is now 1 instead of 0. "Export subtitle zero" option.

Timecode is generated if any is found in videoclip when first loaded. This will usually be mpeg1/2 time code.



intro Introduction

install Installation/update

hardware Minimum hardware/software requirements

lyn Quick start

eye Overview

vidcache Video cache

keyss Keyboard layout

BLYANT Word processing commands

gears Techniques

menuitems Menu items

stav Spell checking

target Troubleshooting

question Frequently asked questions

clip0677 Miscellaneous

TTmand Contact TitleVision

clip0675 Appendix